Hydraulic hoses, a/c, power steering hoses, brake lines,

adapters, Quick disconnects & supplies 


Lanier hydraulics

We specialize in fabricating custom hydraulic hoses, from 1/8" all the way up to 2" with pressures up to 6000 PSI. We also carry a variety of water, air, diesel, and suction hose. We carry 1 and 2 braid wire hoses, and also 4 and 6 spiral braid hoses. All hoses are Gates brand.

We keep a HUGE selection of adapters on the shelf.
Our adapters can be used to change the size of your thread, to convert to a different tread, or even bend in 45° or 90°. We offer adapters in: Carbon Steel, Brass, and Stainless Steel. Continuous Live Swivel adapters are also offer here.

Threads we offer:
-Pipe(NPT)           -JIC        -Boss O-Ring       -Flat-Face O-Ring             -British                 -Japanese             -Komatsu             -German DIN                     -Metric                 -Flange                 -Banjo Fittings
Tube Compression in: Metric and Imperial

Over 500 different Quick Disconnects for:
-Water, Air, and Hydraulic
-Ag Style, Automatic and Manual, and Connect Under Pressure Flush Face

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